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Monday, January 26, 2009

Áfram Ísland

Patria, 2009.

Finally someone has taken the responsibility for the actions that put us in this shit.
The government has now ruptured, finally. I seriously hope that some measures will be taken, more than 100 days after the fall of the entire banking system. It is a strange feeling that the Independence party is not in power. I sincerely believe that nothing can be as bad as the former existing government. The left green party warned in 2005 against the danger of the over bloating finance system. Obviously no one listened.
I want Davíð Oddson away, the former prime minister and now the head of the central bank. The very man who sold off the banks. I also want to see frozen assets of the men (they were mainly men) who put the country into this mess. Remember that experts say that even if there would be no global crisis, Iceland would have gone bankrupt. It is not about that liquidity was suddenly scarce. It is about that they were wheeling and dealing illegally, with suspected corruption and a certain lawlessness.
I heard yesterday that the man who was one of the brains to Icesave is now head of the internal investigation of Landsbanki (one of the banks that the state took over). Yes the very same people who got the country in the mess are still in their jobs. The wealing and dealing men are still wealing and dealing.
I just hope to see a healthier Iceland, more aware and conscious about future generations.

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Thursday, January 22, 2009

There is hope

Female control, 2009.

Ten Reasons I want a change
1. The same people who slept deeply during the viking outrage are not capable of taking the country out of the mess.
2. There won´t be any investigations while those are in power.
3. I suspect that there is serious corruption behind the curtains.
4. The arrogance of the country´s leaders.
5. They call us skríl, a pejorative of a person.
6. The same accountants that approved the accounts of the bank are investigating the banks.
7. Davíð Oddson is still head of the central bank.
8. No assets of those 38 vikings have been frozen.
9. IMF.
10. They totally neglected all signs that it was just a plain bubble and called everyone jealous who told them of the risks (foreign or non-foreign)

The protests have grown rowdier and rowdier. No people have not forgotten, they were not going to.
After the Christmas holiday, the governments first point at the agenda, was if beer should be sold in corner shops or not. What an insult.

There have been almost non-stop protests in front of the parliament, with pots and pans and eggs and paint. People from all classes and ages have been attending. The people are just seriously fed up.

Last night the Social democrats (in coalition with the right party) held a meeting, where elections were discussed. The protests stood outside the National theatre (where the meeting was held) and sang the government out (no eggs, no paint). Finally the news came that yes, they want a rupture and yes they want to call elections some time this spring.

Ps. I want to mention one thing to be proud of, while the protesters were singing and banging outside the parliament, there was a funeral in the church next door and the protesters stood quiet for half an hour in respect of the family. Is that what you call a skríl. I hope the government has understood that this is the people, this is the nation. And we want a change.

I do not though want to celebrate anything yet, as I want to see that rupture and I want to see those elections.

And last of all - I seriously hope the nation won´t vote the same incapable idiots again.

Modern soldiers, watercolour on paper, 2008

You can see pictures of the demonstration
and here

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Icesave Iceslave

Another great phrase I saw at the demonstration last saturday.
It seems the protest is intensifying, after several peaceful meeting the heat is certainly up.
For more detailed explanation I recommend this
I seriously have difficulties understanding that our government is still there.
They look more corrupt for each day, same people, who got us in the shit.

Falling, 2009.

Tomorrow Barcelona Espanyol. I certainly hope we will beat them and I have no regrets if we beat them, really beat them. Espanyol is not a team I am particularly fond of, mainly because of their cry baby attitude and their fans, who booed their own goalkeeper Kameni (he is black).

The January blues is almost over, there is more and more hours of sun and the air has been really crisp. I just have to get myself out of town to see the Northern lights.
Good news is that I am going to Flatey in march. To collect seaweed.

Ground control, 2009.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Helvítis Fokking Fokk

She lost control.

The greatest phrase of the Icelandic kreppa (crisis) and it could refer to the Icelandic situation or the situation in Gaza, which I truly condemn.
Perhaps it is a bit indulgent, but I am referring to these paintings. That there is no success without failure. Or at least so do I hope. I tried so hard to make them work, perhaps I will make a last attempt. In the future. For now I just say Helvítis Fokking Fokk!!!

No success without failure

Trying too hard

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Monday, January 05, 2009

From 2008 - 2009

The death of a former giant, 2009

2008 ended with the same thing as 2009 started, the smell of fireworks. I love the fireworks in Iceland, not the organised, methodic exhibition that occurs in other countries, but the chaotic, anarchic and individual fireworks of each household. Rocketing into the sky. One after another, you never know where to look or where to jump. It simply comes from each and one direction. This year it seem to be a much more subtle affair, only lasting for about 30 minutes, with the peak between midnight and fifteen minutes past midnight. Last year, it was meant to be less as there was a slight storm, but no. It was a total bombardment for about one hour. The noise was incredible, like the bird Kríur at an attack. My brother Magnús, said it sounded just like Palestina. I remember Jón Ásgeir shot up constantly with boxes full of them. I guess and hope that this year he was a bit quiter. Jón Ásgeir for those who might not know is one of the biggest villain of this crisis, a man that should be in jail, for continuously breaking the law in Iceland. Somehow he is not. People have seen him as a heroe, until now. He is the former owner of Glitnir (amongst others), and Baugur Group (the House of Fraser, Magasin du Nord etc). Enough of him. I just say he does not forget the sugar in the cookies (a classic comment in my home).

Frustration of a young man, 2009

On one of the first days of January, I experienced something I never had experienced before, and somehow kind of wanted to experience. The last ten minutes of a life. The hands reaching out, either grasping life or trying to enter the next level (although I am not sure I believe in that stuff). I will never forget the look in the eyes as death approached. The colour of the skin, the mouth, my own non sensations as I stopped to sense anything. Perhaps I am a pervert and I really would like to film someone I love dying, but it has to be someone who wants to go, who has had enough of life (as that moment might happen), enough of experiences and is just tired of life. Where death becomes a relief. I hope you meet your loved ones again, or that you are able to follow your loved ones in life. I sometimes think that I have angels following me (yes it sounds cheesy), but I am somehow quite lucky in many senses and I think I know who my angels are.

Rebirth, 2009

This year I am going to go to a fortune teller, there is a famous one, called Óli Draugur, Óli the ghost. I doubt I will talk about what happens there. I am scared, but also prepared. For 2009

I got new watercolour pans, lovely and I had to try them out, even if I should be doing something else. Here is the result. My favourite themes; sexy bodies and fragility.

Nipples, 2009

Barça, they continue with this conviction they left 2008 with.

Aiming high for the future, 2009

i am a mess, you are a mess, they are a mess, everyone is a mess, 2009
The only thing I am content with in this particular watercolour is its title.

Resurrection, 2009

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